It is with great pleasure that I assist you in reaching your goal of optimum health and nutritional healing.  My goal is to provide our nation with valuable teachings in order to evolve from the physical destruction that comes from mucous-forming foods.  A build-up of mucous within the body is the leading cause of Diabetes, Cancer, Obesity, Prostate Cancer, Fibroid Tumors and different Central Nervous System Diseases.  My passion for healing illnesses has successfully enhanced the lives of many people suffering from mucous-forming, non-nutritional foods.

*** I am based in NYC for in person consultations.

Wholistic Health Assessment $120

With over 5yrs of experience, a wholistic health assessment will offer new clients an accurate interpretation regarding the conditions of your ENTIRE organ systems.  This information is very crucial to your health, as it identifies if your organs are operating at a latent, degenerative or chronic stage. Symptoms relating to chronic illnesses such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure Urinary Tract Infection etc will also be detected.

*** Assessment can only be performed in person. 

Wholsitic Nutritional Consultation $100

This service benefits new clients as they are properly educated on how to approach their diet wholistically.  Those that are approaching a transition diet or need further assistance in overcoming unhealthy food habits will greatly benefit from this service.  Information on how to reverse dietary illnesses via proper food choices and herbal remedies are also covered during this session.

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